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About The Endometriosis Australia Symposium 2021

The Sessions:


The event takes place over two sessions, the first being our Conversation Session, featuring a panel of inspiring EndoWarriors, each sharing their experiences and advice, hosted by the amazing Ellie Angel-Mobbs. This session will be followed by the Consultation portion of the event, hosted by Medical Director and Chair of Endometriosis Australia Prof. Jason Abbott, featuring an impressive line-up of medical experts on the panel discussing medical and surgical options for Endo Warriors.

Host: Endometriosis Australia Ambassador,

Ellie Angel-Mobbs.

In this session, we ask the panelists the question "What would you tell your younger self?" and our line-up of Endo Warriors have an opportunity to share their stories and their advice to others. 

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Host: Medical Director and Chair of Endometriosis Australia,

Prof. Jason Abbott.

In this session, we delve into some hot topics including “Surgery for endometriosis and its extremes. Can it ever be too far?”, covering multiple surgeries; hysterectomy, ultra-radical surgery and who should be doing the surgery. Click below to learn about our line-up of medical panelists.

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