Endometriosis affects   1 in 9   women

= Approx. 200 million worldwide
There are currently over   800 000   Endo Warriors in Australia
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The following information is based on 2018 data.

You can only be accurately diagnosed through surgical


It can take on average   7 to 10  years for those living with Endometriosis to be diagnosed.


Symptoms such as pain, cramping, bloating, fatigue and nausea cost Endo Warriors time, money and quality of life.  




Child Care


Endometriosis costs on average  $30 000  

per Endo Warrior per year.

 Lost Work 


Direct Health Care Costs

This does not include the cost to the Australian Health System.

In turn, Endometriosis costs Australia  over $9.7 Billion  annually.


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If you are currently living with endometriosis, consider checking out our research notice board.

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*The amounts shown are an approximation based on research conducted in 2018.

*Endometriosis Australia acknowledges individuals in the transgender community and people who are non-binary and living with endometriosis who may not identify as women

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