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Ahrefs for SEO. Features and useful functions of the tool

In search engine optimization, it is difficult to do without additional tools. One of them is Ahrefs. Although it is rather a whole set of tools that will help SEOs successfully optimize not only the site, but also their workflow. We at Eprofit actively use it, and we advise our colleagues to do the same. Why Ahrefs and how it will help you in search engine optimization, we will tell in this article.

Overview of Ahrefs Features

The service has been operating for a long time - since 2011. It was originally created to analyze backlinks. Now Ahrefs can be connected for different stages of SEO optimization: from technical audit to drafting technical specifications for copywriters. Moreover, you can analyze not only your site, but also the resources of competitors.

What tools are available with Ahrefs? You will see the main ones on the top panel.

The first item (Dashboard) is your work dashboard. All the projects you are working on are displayed here. Here you will also see key indicators for each site (state score, domain rating, number of backlinks, and so on). We will not dwell on this in detail.But then there are already directly tools for working on the site. Let's analyze them in more detail.

Site Explorer

A tool with which you can analyze the link profile and website traffic. Just enter the URL and hit search.

What data can you see in the report:

Keyword Explorer

A handy tool for searching for keywords. The beauty of it is that Ahrefs collects data from 10 popular search engines (from the widely used Google to China's Baidu) and 171 countries. Queries are analyzed by competition and segmented. In addition, there is a function to search for key ideas for the main query.

site audit

A feature that will help in the technical audit of the site. Ahrefs will analyze the resource and display any significant issues that may interfere with ranking. Incorrect meta tags, missing title, errors in hreflang attributes, poor performance - you will see all this and much more in the report after the audit.

Rank tracker

Here you can track the position of the site in search engines. Analytics will show the ranking in desktop and mobile issuance, at a particular moment and for a certain period. But the main thing is that you have the opportunity to track the position in comparison with competitors. You can also set up sending data to the mail - Ahrefs will send you reports and display the most important changes in them.

content explorer

To generate content for a website, you first need to think about topics. And Content Explorer will help you with this, which will show relevant content for a key query. Immediately you will see the domain rating, traffic and its cost, the link profile of the page and even the number of reposts in social networks, broken down by the most popular resources (Twitter, FB, Pinterest). A valuable tool not only for SEO, but also for content marketing.

Ahrefs Pricing

How much is this pleasure? The service provides 4 tariff plans (from $99 to $999 if paid monthly). You can save and get 2 months of free use when paying for a year in advance.

Can't pay? Then Ahrefs free SEO tools are available to you . Even in the free version, you can analyze key queries, including those for individual search engines (YouTube, Amazon, Bing), analyze the top search results for a link or queries, and conduct a superficial analysis for link building.

And, of course, do not forget about other tools. Keyword analysis, search for content ideas and other features will help you to successfully work on SEO-optimization of the site.What Ahrefs features we think are the most needed in search engine optimization:

Ahrefs Pricing

Link domain analysisAnalysis of all backlinks to get a complete picture of the site's link profileAnchor analysis for link matchingTechnical SEO audit to identify errors by prioritiesComparison of the dynamics of several sites in the form of graphsView and download all kinds of links from your site and competitor sites

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Is it worth paying for the service? Definitely yes, if you want to achieve a good result from optimization. And especially if you want to work correctly with backlinks. If the budget allows, then feel free to use Ahrefs for search engine optimization. And if it still does not allow, then at least we advise you to test free SEO tools.

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