ScienceAlert: How Common Treatments For Endometriosis Are Failing Those With Chronic Pain

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Despite impacting one in 10 womxn of reproductive age worldwide, there's currently no known cause or cure, only lifelong management. Meanwhile, funding for care and further research is significantly lacking, and the most common treatments don't work for everybody.

"We probably are doing exactly what we did to breast cancer, which is to treat everyone in exactly the same way with no surgery, or repeat surgery, or repeated medications," says Jason Abbott, an expert on the surgical treatment of endometriosis at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

"In every other area of medicine, we understand that pain management is a really important aspect, and we seem to have forgotten that in endometriosis," Abbott says.

Prof Jason Abbott is the Medical Director at Endometriosis Australia.

Click here to read Carly Cassella's article via ScienceAlert.

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