James Fidanza: Mendo Champion

James is studying to be physiotherapist, and works part-time as a Patient Service Assistant at a hospital transferring patients, and supporting them with any of their needs.

James loves to see patients reach their goals, and has always wanted to work in the healthcare industry. James has said “I absolutely love anything to do with sports, and I am a bit of an adrenaline junky”.

James also enjoys travelling and wishes to continue to volunteer his time in third world countries.

On his journey and experiences with endometriosis, James has said:

“Endometriosis (endo) was something I never heard of until I met my girlfriend Brooke, back in 2019. After listening and learning about it, I was in total shock of what my girlfriend went through. At such a young age and what she still continues to go through till this day.

Brooke was diagnosed in 2016, she had two surgeries resulting in 4 keyhole scars to remove the endo and ovarian cysts, she’s seen multiple doctors and has had many appointments, ultrasounds and blood tests. I’ve seen her in agonising pain crawled up on the floor in tears. I’ve seen her skip social events because the pain is that bad and she can’t even move. I’ve seen her carry multiple cysts up until the point that they rupture (at least 8 cysts have ruptured). As her partner it kills me seeing her in excruciating pain and not being able to get rid of it. As being one of her support systems, I try play my part and help with whatever I can to reduce the pain. This can be from heating up her heat pack, to getting a hot bath/shower ready and even attending the ongoing doctor or radiology appointments.

After introducing her to my mother, I found out that my mother also suffered from endometriosis. I was completely unaware, that someone so close to me suffered from this chronic condition and made me realise that this is a huge silent pandemic.

Brooke has been an inspiration to many and me as she has started her own endo account on Instagram where she is breaking down the stigma by raising awareness about endometriosis and sharing her own endo story.

After learning about endo I’ve learnt that endometriosis is heavily under-researched and underfunded, so I wanted to help support all the EndoWarriors out there suffering endometriosis and put my body on the line, just as you amazing people do every single day”.

James is currently raising money for Endometriosis Australia through his 50k for 50k campaign where he pledges to run for 50 kilometres in the hopes of raising $50 000. You can support his campaign by clicking here!

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