Holly Cooke : Endo Champion

While undertaking her year twelve studies, Holly organised a Women’s Health Seminar, ‘GirlsTalk’, in collaboration with Endometriosis Australia.

GirlsTalk focused on spreading awareness of endometriosis, with nearly two-hundred girls aged fifteen to eighteen in attendance. After this campaign, Holly further campaigned in the media (including ABC Radio 891 with David Bevan) and within several Adelaide Advertiser articles, in order to raise awareness about endometriosis, by sharing her own experiences with the disease, and her opinions on how girls might find helpful resources or ask for medical help.

In 2018 Holly also appeared on live television in Canberra, on ABC’s Q&A, as a student panellist talking about youth engagement in politics. Now in her second year of uni, Holly is an Earth Science undergraduate in geology and palaeontology, at the University of Adelaide, and is also working part-time within the Adelaide Hills region. Holly is a political columnist at the university magazine ‘On Dit’ (French slang meaning for ‘one says’) and has written an article on endometriosis for their special female-issue orientated edition ‘Elle Dit’ ('she says’).

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*Endometriosis Australia acknowledges individuals in the transgender community and people who are non-binary and living with endometriosis who may not identify as women

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