Hoda Hannaway: Ambassador

I am a Sydney based cooking enthusiast, media personality, and ex-MasterChef Australia Contestant (2018, S10). I have three gorgeous children, Hassan, Mariam and Maya, all of whom are my biggest fans.

I started my social media platforms as a public figure following MasterChef Australia and have used them to share my love for cooking, food in general and parenting aspects of my life. This saw my profile boost to what is now a loyal following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I have recently worked with some well respected brands and people in the food and lifestyle industry. In addition to my work as an influencer, I also facilitate cooking demonstrations for a variety of events and activations, develop recipes, organise collaborations with café and restaurants and have had regular guest appearances on TV shows including Studio 10, My Market Kitchen and TVSN.

My most recent and current project has been the launch of my new YouTube channel and cooking series.

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