Emma Watkins: Ambassador

Emma Watkins is best known for her role as the yellow Wiggle and the first female in The Wiggles, the world’s favourite children’s entertainment group. The Wiggles’ fans have spoken and Emma is officially the most popular Wiggle ever! The effervescent singing, dancing, drum playing, French speaking, bow wearing Wiggle has charmed audiences across the globe. Emma items are the number one sellers and The Wiggles’ audiences are filled with children dressing just like Emma.

Emma continues to attract new audiences with her warm, fresh, engaging personality and unique talents.

The Wiggles are iconic Australians and are advocates for children all over the world, promoting healthy eating habits, an active lifestyle and allergy awareness.

The Wiggles tour extensively through Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and North America performing shows to audiences of over a quarter of a million people each year across hundreds of shows, many of which are sold out.

The Wiggles and Emma’s TV shows are broadcast worldwide in over 195 countries.

With their music videos reaching over 100 million views on YouTube alone, it is fair to say that The Wiggles dominate online platforms when it comes to children’s entertainment.

“Endometriosis is such a debilitating and painful disease and I urge anyone suffering with the symptoms of endometriosis to put your health first and get a diagnosis so that you are in the best position to manage this crippling disease. Endometriosis Australia is such a valuable source of information for women experiencing symptoms of endometriosis and I am proud to be an Endometriosis Australia Ambassador to help raise awareness about this insidious disease that has impacted my life and affects 1 in 10 women.”

Please see below for Emma's ABC News Australian Story segment:

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