Dr Rob Zammitt : Mendo Champion

A veterinarian for some forty years, always in private practice but working with other species such as Tigers, Lions and, yes, Bears as well as elephants, dolphins, seals and even sharks!

Also some media work with television, Mid-Day with Kerri- Anne Kennerly, A Country Practice consultant vet, Terry Willese Tonight, Today with Steve Leibman, Burkes Backyard and Mid-Day South Coast. Radio has included regular shows with Murray Wilton, Ron Casey, Luke Bona, MalcomT. Elliot, Tim Webster, Dita Cobb, Luke Grant, as well as Ray Hadley.

Have written for many magazines including New Idea, Woman’s Day, and Living. Also author of two books, DOGS: 101 questions and historical fiction, Bless me, Father.

My canine work is best known in reproduction, so when my young daughter, Ainsley develop pelvic issues I was appalled to see how little research funding has been given to endometriosis. Ainsley was extremely young when she underwent her first surgery to assist the problem, 16 at the time. Four years later the pain came again, hard and fast, so another surgery!

Finding so many families affected by this condition and yet so little funding towards finding a cure rather than at best, controlling it or at worst, radical surgeries at very young ages, I decided to increase the profile of this condition and endeavour to get funding, at least in Australia towards a cure. We have great brains in this country but they are being leeched out because of lack of funds. Let's keep them in Australia and get them working on this dastardly dreadful family disease.

In 2018 Dr Rob Zammitt went on Channel 7's, Sunrise and on Live TV successfully consumed over 40 Weet-Bix and raised over $24,000 for endometriosis research.

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