An Insight into Endometriosis

Updated: Sep 9

A few weeks ago a group of women with endometriosis, their partners, family, health care providers and researchers in the field were at the SBS studios to film the last of this season’s “Insight” program hosted by Jennie Brockie and all about Endometriosis.

A huge note of thanks to Monica Forlano, television executive and media guru for the pitch and organization to get the show underway and to all the women, men and endometriosis community for contributing to the story. Thanks in particular to Ainsley, Shadae, Demika and Tina for sharing their stories on national television and to Rob Zammitt, Mendo champion (and father of Ainsley) Kate Pascoe-Squires and her husband Tony, and Sarah Berry for being powerful contributors and advocates for endometriosis and all the problems that women who have this disease face.

There were stories of misdiagnosis, pain, infertility and the fear that comes from this insidious disease, but mostly, there was information and awareness that endometriosis is more than just bad periods and something that affects every aspect of a woman’s life, her family and social life, relationships and career.

With the National Action Plan written, it is time to continue our hard fought battle to make endometriosis an issue for government and your lives easier.

It is the great hope for Endometriosis sufferers across

Australia and your involvement makes a difference.

So tune in to “Insight” on November 20th on SBS and tell everyone you know to do the same – remember one in 10 women have endometriosis – you know 10 women and therefore you need to know about endometriosis.

Endometriosis Australia – leading the way in raising awareness of this disease for you and all women with endometriosis.

Jason Abbott Board Member Endometriosis Australia

The episode will air at 8:30pm Tuesday 20th November 2018: 1. Watch on SBS National Australian Television 2. Join the international live stream from wherever you are: 3. Watch anytime on SBS On Demand:

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*Endometriosis Australia acknowledges individuals in the transgender community and people who are non-binary and living with endometriosis who may not identify as women

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