Endo Champion - Laura Furiosi

Laura Furiosi is from Brisbane, Queensland. Laura is the founder and CEO of an award winning international brand Rashoodz Swimwear and mother of three. Laura has been battling endometriosis for the past 15 years, but has not let it hold her back for accomplishing her goals in the business world. Creating her brand from scratch, she has grown it to be sold internationally and Australia wide. Going on 15 surgeries now, she hopes that she can inspire others to learn ways to achieve despite the disease. Even if it meant working from the hospital bed, she has never given up. Laura hopes to help raise awareness and funds for research so that her own daughters don’t have to struggle as she has.

I want to let girls and women know, even though this is a terrible disease, there are ways around it, so you can still succeed in life. There were times when I’d have important meetings interstate, I’d have to drag myself onto the plane, I had to go into the bathroom and use the hand dryer to act as a heat pack when I could, I would use my carry on travel suitcase as a crutch sometimes cause I was in so much pain walking was near impossible. I managed overseas clients from my bed using my laptop, I use the internet, my mobile phone and social media all while suffering terribly, but I did it. It can be done, you just have to work around your limitations. Many times I had important negotiations from my hospital bed over the phone. It’s not about what you can no longer do, it is about what you can do. I want to inspire others to use their talents, strengths and technology to achieve their dreams despite endometriosis.

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