Endometriosis Australia Ambassador Kate Anderson

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It was Kate Anderson’s appreciation for innovative style and interpretation of trends that made her a perfect fit for the Finders Keepers team, joining as Assistant Designer in 2010 before succeeding as Head Designer in 2013. It’s her knowledge of the industry, a product of her tireless investigation on global trends via magazines, blogs and social media, that has ensured Finders Keepers remains on-point with styling and design. Matching her dedicated research to a self-confessed competitive streak, there’s no end to Kate’s thirst to ensure that Finders Keepers remains at the top of global high street fashion.

This one-step ahead mindset saw Kate introduce the Finders Keepers X Fit range of activewear in 2014. With an inherent love of exercise, Kate saw a gap in the market for activewear that is both functional and fashionable and now incorporates Finders Keepers unique prints into fitness apparel. It’s the ability grow her label that Kate finds most rewarding.

“I’m really proud of the Finders Keepers X Fit line,” explains Kate. “I always put a piece of myself in every Finders Keepers range, but now with the introduction of activewear, I feel like the label truly reflects my lifestyle and passions.”

Subscribing to this new, holistic Finders Keepers lifestyle is something that Kate encourages.

“I think all girls want to look and feel their best at all times,” Kate says. “I love the idea that Finders Keepers is able to help girls achieve their potential.”

Kate was diagnosed with Endometriosis in her mid teens after struggling with pain for many years.

“Endometriosis runs in my family – I’m so lucky to have a great support network around me. Being an Endometriosis Ambassador is important as I feel that support is something everyone should have, whether you are suffering from Endo or have someone close to you that is. The more we talk openly about Endometriosis, the more awareness and understanding we can help raise.

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