Endometriosis Australia Ambassador - Sarah Maree Cameron

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

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Sarah Maree Cameron can be heard on Melbourne’s Nova 100 from 1pm to 4pm. Since her start in commercial radio in 2007, Sarah Maree has worked all over Australia and even in Canada. In 2010, while working on a networked show across Australia, Sarah Maree won an Australian Commercial Radio Award (ACRA) for Best Networked Program. Sarah Maree is passionate about raising awareness for women’s health and talking about the “taboo” topics, which is why she is an Ambassador for the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation and now joins Endometriosis Australia as an Ambassador. “Chocolate, ice cream and pain killers might help some women during that time of the month but due to my Endometriosis I feel like my whole world stops. I have had to pull over while driving because of the pain. It baffles me that a disease affecting so many women is still not spoken about; even Microsoft Word doesn't know about it because it keeps trying to correct my spelling to optometrist! A close friend was experiencing so many of the symptoms and I stomped my feet on the ground until she made Doctors investigate – turned out she had Endometriosis. To be in that much pain so frequently, is not normal. See a Doctor and have a laparoscopy. It’s the only way to diagnose it. There needs to be more education and understanding as well as empathy for women struggling with Endometriosis. We’re not exaggerating – when we’re in pain, it is awful. And not to mention the emotional toll it takes on you. Many women have infertility issues and that is haunting for some.” Sarah Maree will be working with Endometriosis Australia hosting events and helping raise awareness to educate people, open up dialog for the disease and campaign for a cure.

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