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Updated: May 23, 2020

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The inaugural EndoMarch event was launched worldwide in 2014. Australia had a Country Coordinator and Event Co-ordinators organising events in their local areas.

Endometriosis Australia is proud of the efforts made to raise awareness of endometriosis by the 300 + participants and volunteers who took part in last year’s events around the country.

Many businesses and organisations around the country kindly donated their time, services and products for the events to help make the campaign and the events a success.

The event was a worldwide success and continues to gain momentum, putting us in good stride of the 2015 event, which has been renamed Worldwide EndoMarch.

This is to incorporate the multifaceted impact that endometriosis has on the lives around the world.

Endometriosis Australia is proud to announce our increased support of the Worldwide EndoMarch in 2015. We will continue to work with Teena Hantke the volunteer National Project Manager for Australia along the volunteer event coordinators in running the Australian Worldwide EndoMarch for 2015.

The goals of the Worldwide EndoMarch are to:


• unite women and their supporters to take a stand against endometriosis


• raise awareness about endometriosis and its effects on women and girls • educate and train members of the medical community, in order to promote early detection and improved treatment

Effect Change

• educate the public and medical professionals about endometriosis • find a cure for endometriosis, and to develop non-invasive diagnostic tests • improve health screenings for endometriosis among girls and young women in public schools • educate our government and congress to allocate funding for endometriosis

Endometriosis Australia shares these goals and is proud to bring this event under our banner. We are excited at the chance to build this event in Australia and to work with Aussie volunteers now and in the years to come. If you are interested in being a part of this event please contact and the National Project Manager will discuss the volunteer opportunities that are avaliable.

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