March into Yellow - I took the Yellow Challenge to show my support for my sister.

Updated: May 22, 2020

After 2 years of fainting, pain and weight loss my sister was finally taken to hospital and underwent a laparoscopy. In June 2012 my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. Following the surgery the doctors immediately started her on a drug which puts the body into medicated menopause. After 6 months of mood swings, personal summers and insomnia they changed the medication which only worked for a period of 3 weeks before the pain returned.

After consultation with her doctor my sister and her fiancé decided they wanted to try for a family. They were due to get married the following month and head overseas for their honeymoon. A really exciting time for them, a new adventure was about to start.

After returning from their honeymoon and they had another consultation with the specialists and everything started to come crashing down. The endometriosis had grown! At this point my sister and her husband felt as though they were back to square one again.

Doctors prescribed ovulation stimulating medication for six months to begin on a low dose which had to be increase in the end to induce ovulation and help the body prepare for the next step. After 6 months, August 2013 they were advised that a natural pregnancy was out of the question and IVF was the final step. Another 3 months of cheical menopause and many emotional challenges, their dreams started to feel closer to reality. They are now in the process of going through IVF, this will be the second cycle.

Unfortunately as every month passes the endometriosis grows and the specialists have advised that within 6 months if my sister doesn’t fall pregnant or after a pregnancy is achieved another laparoscopy is on the cards. There is no cure for this monster! This is why I am supporting March into Yellow. After watching my sister struggle through this I want to help and do my part! Whilst I cannot heal her, I can show my support by standing up and spreading awareness of this terrible disease.

Amy Neville took the yellow challenge and was the highest fundraiser in the 2014 March into Yellow campaign. Join in the 2015 March into Yellow campaign, take the yellow challenge, wear yellow and start a conversation about endometriosis. If the yellow challenge is not for you, sponsor someone who is participating or make a donation to Endometriosis Australia and show your support.

By - Amy Neville

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