Design Competition Winners

Updated: May 23, 2020

Cast your mind back to October 2013! I know it seems such a long time ago. So much has gone on with the whirlwind of the festive season and holidays.

We held a design competition to find some new designs for awareness merchandise. Well after much deliberation and discussions with designers we have two winners!!!!!!

I would like to announce the winners of our first design competition, Torii Golding & Alisha Austin.

Torii was diagnosed at 16 years and her Mum has told her a lot of the last four years, ‘Never give up hope’ so she decided to use it as a part of her design.

Gladiolus is the follower she used as the flower represents STRENGTH.

Alisha said that when she is in pain caused by endometriosis that her Mum helps her find her Brightside. This mindset helps her get through the ordeal emotionally and is a great help to her.

Both ladies have such positive messages and inspiration for their designs. I am sure you agree! Please join me in CONGRATULATING both ladies on their work and thank them for helping us in raising awareness about endometriosis.

Our designer has taken these works and used them as inspiration to create two new designs. You will find these designs on various items in our online shop.

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