Two sides of an Endo Life

Updated: May 23, 2020

Saturday was an example of how a day with endometriosis can go from one extreme to another. That morning I got up early and got organised for a morning at the beach and hanging out on Hastings street in Noosa. We are in Noosa for the weekend of the Noosa Triathlon, a race I had to pull out of earlier this year because of Endo but I didn’t give up the accommodation.

So there we were my daughter and I. A beautiful weekend, not to hot or humid, a great weekend for a race and a relax around the pool or on the beach. We spent the morning wandering around Noosa taking photos, a second breakfast overlooking the beach. Quick car change and off for a swim at Noosa’s Main beach. A swim or three and a walk or two along the beach later and it was time for Gelato and to check out the bikes racked for the race and a spot of shopping. We had a great day in Noosa followed by a swim at our apartment after lunch.

We chilled out with a DVD late afternoon and I ended up on the lounge with a heat pack, which my daughter heated up for me so I wouldn’t have to get up. I managed to get myself up and take my daughter to the pool again. After her final swim and shower, we had a snack. I was feeling ok, not great but ok. By the time I had finished my snack and ready for a shower I couldn’t stand up straight. My eight year old angel of a daughter insisted on helping me into my bathroom. It breaks my heart that my eight year old feels she has to take care of me like that. She stayed arms wrapped around me until the bathroom door and would only leave my side because I forced myself upright so she believed me when I said I was OK. She left me and I got in the shower and cried, I couldn’t stand up straight and I hurt. I am so glad I packed what I call one of my endo dresses - black, baggy, flowy and nothing pressing on my tummy. I ended a beautiful day curled up on the lounge trying to ignore the pain in my stomach, bloated and uncomfortable.

There are bad days living with endometriosis. There are good days, Sunday was a good day. No pain, lots of swimming and sunshine. Each day is a new day full of possibilities.


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