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Updated: May 23, 2020

Working together is the only way we are going to achieve our goals. Donating to Endometriosis Australia is one way we can work together. A number of people have asked how they can donate funds to EA for our 2014 projects.

First maybe I should explain our plans for 2014 projects. The following is a quick list of what is in the plans.

  1. Expanding the yoga events

  2. Continuing to distribute brochures and posters around the country.

  3. Develop and implement the first of our education programs

  4. Develop new information brochures and awareness posters.

  5. Develop new awareness merchandise

  6. Begin new joint ventures and grow existing ones.

  7. Continue with entrants in various fun runs

  8. Step up the media contact and noise

  9. Work with support groups and other women's health groups around the country

  10. Some special little surprises along the way.

So for those that want to donate once or even on a regular basis there are a few options.

  1. You can donate to one of the runners that have entered fun runs around the country and have chosen to donate to EA through their everyday hero page example me -

  2. If you are entering an event that doesn't use everyday hero or you hold an event such as the free monthly yoga event that The Mobile Yogi holds or a market stall and you wish to donate funds to EA you can create an everyday hero supporters page of your own and use it to track and lodge your donations. You can build that page and make it your own. The details are as follows;

  • Go to

  • Click start here if you don’t have an account already. If you do have an account Log in.

  • You can create an account using your facebook log in or you can create an account by entering your email and following the steps.

  • In answer to the question ‘Which charity would you like to support?’ Type in Endometriosis Australia and select us from the search list.

  • Choose how long you would like the page to exist.

  • Follow the steps from there as they apply to your supporters page.

  • You can then use that page to make donation to Endometriosis Australia.

  1. You can purchase from our online stores or from one of the businesses that are donating to us.

  2. You can do are directly through our website using the Donate Now button on the Support us page. This will take you to our Everyday Hero page and you can donate directly to us securely and safely from there.

  3. You can send a cheque to

Endometriosis Australia

C/O – Weston, Woodley & Robertson

PO Box A230 Sydney South, NSW 1235 Australia

This is NOT a part of any fundraising appeal for Endometriosis Australia. It is NOT a call for people to fundraise for us. It is an open letter to all the amazing and generous people that have asked how they can donate to EA.

Thankyou and have a great evening


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Please consider supporting Endometriosis Australia. Your donations will help support us to keep delivering free information and education.  

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