Endometriosis is a common disease in which the tissue that is similar to the lining of the womb grows outside it in other parts of the body. More than 830,000 (more than 10%) of Australian women suffer from endometriosis at some point in their life with the disease often starting in teenagers. Symptoms are variable and this may contribute to the 7 to 12-year delay in diagnosis. Common symptoms include pelvic pain that puts life on hold around or during a woman’s period. It can damage fertility. Whilst endometriosis most often affects the reproductive organs it is frequently found in the bowel and bladder and has been found in muscle, joints, the lungs and the brain. In an Australian government report, endometriosis is reported to cost Australian society $9.7 billion annually with two-thirds of these costs attributed to a loss in productivity with the remainder, approximately $2.5 billion being direct healthcare costs.

 EndoMarch High Tea 

We are holding EndoMarch High Teas in Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide on Saturday, March 28, 2020.  

Worldwide EndoMarch is held annually to come together to help end the silence on endometriosis.

Invite your friends, loved ones and work colleagues for an afternoon of delicious food, bubbles and to raise awareness and raise funds to end endo! 


The total economic burden per year in Australia is approximately $9.7 Billion AUD 

Lady Endo a Hybrid Tea Rose

$23.95 each 


Lady EndoRose is a fragrance that is simply divine. This deep magenta coloured Hybrid Tea Rose has fully petalled blooms that sit on a long stem, covered with lush, healthy foliage.

Approximately 1.3 to 1.5m tall, this Australian bred rose by one of Australia's most notable rosarians, Paul Hains, will delight with gorgeous blooms and a strong old-world fragrance.


Treloar Roses will donate $2 from the sale of each rose to Endometriosis Australia to fund, research, education and raise awareness. Let's help #EndTheSilenceOnEndo

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Endometriosis Australia is a nationally accredited charity that endeavours to increase recognition of endometriosis, provide endometriosis education programs, and provide funding for endometriosis research.

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EndoMarch High Tea 2020

EndoMarch High Tea 2020

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